Protect a Volunteer is a donor matching and fundraising platform that helps military and humanitarian volunteers in Ukraine with needed supplies or flights. We are not affiliated with the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, any other military units, or non-governmental organizations.


If you are a volunteer in Ukraine and you are requesting funding help for necessary equipment, supplies, medicine, etc. from Protect a Volunteer, you must apply through a referral from an applicant we have previously funded. We have funded hundreds of volunteers in Ukraine. Reach out to one of them to receive application materials.

If you are a volunteer traveling to or from Ukraine and need help with a flight, please click on the flight form below and fill out all of the information required. We’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.
Click on the form below and fill out all of the information required.

PLEASE NOTE: PAV will only connect you with a donor to pay for your flight. You are responsible for additional luggage costs. PAV volunteers and donors cannot assist you with issues you encounter during your travels (e.g. losing items, needing place to stay, ground transportation, sickness, etc).
It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive on time for your flight and plan ahead for traffic or other potential delays. If you miss your flight, we can not help you further. You will need to talk to the airline to try to get on a later flight. Volunteers and donors spend many hours finding flights for you so please be considerate of their time.
We expect that you will have sufficient spending money to purchase food or other incidentals while traveling. Unless it is an emergency flight, you will need to save some spending money before traveling.

  donor matching: how it works 

  donor matching for equipment

Instead of asking you just to donate money, we match sponsors up directly with volunteers. This has been referred to as Adopt a Personal Gladiator! Here is how it works:
1) We receive requests for sponsorship from volunteers in Ukraine. About 95% of them come from military volunteers but a few humanitarians as well. They include requests for vehicles, vehicle repairs, optics, scopes, night vision, gas masks, drones, drone jammers, uniforms, boots, socks, food, etc.
2) We vet the applicants to ensure they are deserving of funding. For military volunteers, other volunteers currently fighting in Ukraine contact the applicant. They verify there is a current military contract, they are actively engaged with their unit, and have a good reputation amongst colleagues without discipline issues. They also verify that the requested funding is reasonable and necessary given their role in Ukraine. Two of the volunteers who vet our applicants are nominated for awards for valor. All vetters have been in combat in Ukraine and are military veterans in their home countries.
3) If the applicant passes the vetting stage, we match them with a donor or donors to help with their request. Donors can sign up with a $25/month commitment or $100 one time. We put multiple donors together. We then introduce the donors and volunteer together in a Signal chat. They are free to talk to one another and arrange how to transfer necessary funding.

donor matching for flights

1) We help military veterans, medics, and other highly qualified volunteers afford flights by matching them with donors who directly pay for the flight using money or airline miles.
2) Once an applicant applies for a flight, we verify that they are returning to an NGO or a military unit, have no known discipline issues, and are a volunteer whose skills are in high demand. The same vetting team for gear sponsorship vets flight applicants. We then match the volunteers with a donor whose airline miles or budget is appropriate for their flight. A volunteer who is an expert on reward booking assists donors and volunteers to book the flights.

Become a Sponsor

Please donate here to enable volunteers to continue their missions in Ukraine. Sponsors can be matched with foreign volunteers, Ukrainian soldiers, or humanitarian volunteers. Volunteers cover many expenses themselves for food, travel and lodging while continuing to pay bills at home and accumulate credit card debt. You can also help volunteers acquire critical gear that directly contributes to the success of missions on the ground.We directly fundraise for some military units in Ukraine and to support the distribution of some overlooked supplies. See below for information on the teams we directly support.
We also fundraise through more traditional means. We’ve identified some of the most effective military teams in Ukraine and one program delivering medical aid to civilians and military hospitals. These can be directly supported via donations to our Paypal. We have worked with members of these teams for 1+ years and have full confidence in their efforts in Ukraine.
We occasionally do specific fundraising efforts for overlooked essentials. So far we provided 146 Buddy Straps, 18 Junctional Tourniquets, and several dozen sets of soft armor to military units.
General donations go to cover our operating expenses (only around $100 a month for our website and administrative costs). We also use them to fund urgent needs, usually for Ukrainian units which get little support. We’ve provided gas masks, helmets, vests, plates, vehicles, vehicle repairs, drone jammers, drones, generators, eco flows, etc. Having emergency funding on hand enables us to get support to units quickly when time is of the essence.

1. ⁠We match volunteers with donors for all one-time donations of $100 or more OR monthly contributions of $25 or more. Our preferred platform to connect the volunteers/soldiers with sponsors is Signal.
2. ⁠For one-time donations under $100, we gather all the donations via PayPal (see button below) and disperse them among volunteers.
All donations are sent to volunteers that have already been vetted and proved to be in Ukraine in a unit with a contract or working in humanitarian aid with an NGO.
We also have a flight donation program where you can sponsor flights for volunteers going to or returning from Ukraine! You can donate airline points or pay for flights with cash. You are matched directly with the volunteer and book the flight on behalf of the volunteer.
When you fill out the forms below, you will be connected with a volunteer. After connecting, you can discuss the volunteer’s needs and coordinate your support directly with them.


Click on the form below and fill out all of the information required.

There are a few teams we have worked with extensively. We've heard from many of you that you would like the opportunity to support some of those teams without having to sign up to sponsor, so we're trying that! We have several teams that you can contribute to directly. There are separate funds on our PayPal account. You can choose one of them or give to our General Fund which is for the most urgent needs.
Here is some more information on the teams:
Loveable Bozos/Chosen Company. This is a unit of foreigners that takes on the toughest missions in Ukraine that others will not do. They primarily conduct trench assaults. (Keep line about why they are loveable).
CivMed Evacuations: This fund supports the excellent work of Augustae Annia, a small NGO in Ukraine that evacuates civilians near the front line and delivers supplies to military hospitals and military units.
Laser Kiwi Boys. This is a Reddit favorite. This is the team with the guys flying the Laser Kiwi flag and has all the cute kittens. This was the team that was in Kane Te Tai's video in which he rescued a friend of his he thought was dead.
Team Mars. This is another team that we have worked with for months and goes on some of the toughest missions in Ukraine. You can follow their videos on Instagram
Team Droney McDroneface. Are you really into drones? Then these are your people. These are the drone experts. They are a mix of Ukrainians and foreign volunteers.
The "Lizards on Scholarship" are a team of mostly British military vets fighting in Ukraine. This is a team that has been fighting in Ukraine for over a year. They are referred to us for funding by our trusted partner Project Sirin, which helps us get night vision to units in Ukraine. 

About us 

The needs of soldiers and other volunteers in Ukraine are ongoing. In particular, there are many American (and other) military veterans who are volunteering to fight and assist in Ukraine. These foreign volunteer soldiers self-mobilize and spend much or all of their own savings to equip themselves and travel to Ukraine, leaving jobs, homes and financial security.  
Protect a Volunteer is a program that matches soldiers and other volunteers with donors to assist with flight costs, life saving gear, medical kits, cold weather clothing, and other expenses. Individuals or a group of people together can sponsor or "adopt" soldiers/volunteers.  
We have volunteers actively waiting for donor support. Sponsors know exactly where their money goes since we match them directly to volunteers. Volunteers' ability to get to and remain longer in Ukraine is directly tied to donor support. They can focus on staying alive and providing assistance, not fundraising, as many soldiers/volunteers are forced to do.


Heading photo

I am a self sustained volunteer who has committed myself to the ongoing efforts on the ground without pay, and I’ve continued living off of work I completed before I left the states. Volunteering here for months on end in Ukraine means for most that at one point or another we will all contend with one financial hurdle after another.
Sometimes these issues are housing, a medical emergency, or not having petrol and diesel to get where you must. Other times it can be training aides to make medical training more impactful, not being able to to replace components of your equipment damaged in artillery fire or small arms attacks, or simply not being able to get home at a moments notice due to a tragedy in the family.
Whatever the financial conflict volunteers may face, Protect a Volunteer is always here helping to protect and take care of us as we do our part to protect and take care of Ukraine.


Heading photo

I observed PAV grow to fulfill a very specific, unique, and desperately critical need in the efforts to assist and provide within Ukraine.
The immensities of the war effort understandably over shadows a lot of great volunteer initiatives and more often than not, does not present a platform or voice for us to receive or campaign for funding (from within Ukraine or otherwise). However, PAV directly fills that need, linking willing and active donors end to end with volunteers working in Ukraine. In my case, it was less than a week from a virtual handshake with my matched donor to much needed funding hitting my account. This allowed myself and my team to facilitate travel, lodging, and other necessities fast and effectively.

I stand by the opinion that PAV provides the most streamlined, involved, and authentic network to get funds in the hands of people taking on volunteer roles within Ukraine in support of it’s military and it’s people. I hope to preserve and nurture a long lasting relationship between our team, PAV, and it’s incredible pool of donors.




Are you an NGO or a non-profit?No we are not. We are a donor matching platform. We match donors with a volunteer directly. This is how you know exactly who your money goes to and you develop a personal relationship with the person you are helping.
Do I transfer my airline points to the volunteer so they can book the flight themselves?You don’t transfer your points to the volunteer. We connect you with them directly and you book their flight for them.
Is my donation tax deductible?Unfortunately it is not as we are not associated with a non-profit. Also, the airline points are gifted directly to the volunteer rather than Protect a Volunteer.
Are you a legit organization? How can I check?We are verified to fundraise in the largest Ukraine community on Reddit r/ukraine after completing their background check. We also encourage you to follow our Instagram page to see our past work and testimonials from donors and volunteers. In addition, you don’t donate until you are matched up with a volunteer. If the match does not feel right, you don’t need to donate.


Can I bring body armor in my luggage?If you are bringing plates or a helmet, it is a good idea to complete this Customs form and bring it with you to the airport when going to your flight. This may prevent any problems with Customs officials.
I need to leave on a specific day or immediately. Can you help me?Because most flights are donated with airline points, some days will be blacked out for booking. You might not leave on the exact date you want. Unless your situation is an emergency, we do need some lead time to get you a flight donor. We are a small team of volunteers with full-time jobs and work as fast as we can.  
I want to go to Ukraine but I don’t have enough money to support myself. Will you be able to support me?Please don’t go to Ukraine without having at least some of your own money for emergencies. While we do help many volunteers with equipment and donors offer financial support, this is not guaranteed and if you are in a foreign country with no money you become a burden on those around you.



Volunteers from around the world defend Ukraine. This one comes from the Blackfeet Nation. The message on his RPG means his arrows fly straight.


Ash the cat assists a volunteer medical evac team. While most donor funds go towards gear and supplies, some donors have been known to buy food and treats for volunteers' furry friends.


Each of the volunteers in this photo received flight sponsorships from donors. Without flight sponsorships, they may not have been able to travel to Ukraine.


Maurice is an American volunteer who arrived in Ukraine in April of 2022. Donors get matched to volunteers like Maurice to assist with needed equipment, medical supplies, and more.


This volunteer was in Ukraine for 9 months in 2022. During his time in Ukraine, he did not receive an income. Protect a Volunteer matched him with a donor who sponsored his flight home.


This volunteer spent all his savings to go and fight for the freedom of Ukraine. Protect a Volunteer was able to match him with a donor for a flight to return to Ukraine to continue his mission.

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