Is my donation tax deductible?Unfortunately it is not as we are not associated with a non-profit. Also, the airline points are gifted directly to the volunteer rather than Protect A Volunteer. 
Are you an NGO or a non-profit?No we are not. We are a donor matching platform. We match donors with a volunteer directly. This is how you know exactly who your money goes to and you develop a personal relationship with the person you are helping.
Do I transfer my airline points to the volunteer so they can book the flight themselves?You don’t transfer your points to the volunteer. We connect you with them directly and you book their flight for them.
Are you a legit organization? How can I check?We are verified to fundraise in the largest Ukraine community on Reddit r/ukraine after completing their background check. We also encourage you to follow our Instagram page to see our past work and testimonials from donors and volunteers. In addition, you don’t donate until you are matched up with a volunteer. If the match does not feel right, you don’t need to donate. 


Can I bring body armor in my luggage?If you are bringing plates or a helmet, it is a good idea to complete this Customs form and bring it with you to the airport when going to your flight. This may prevent any problems with Customs officials.
I need to leave on a specific day or immediately. Can you help me?Because most flights are donated with airline points, some days will be blacked out for booking. You might not leave on the exact date you want. Unless your situation is an emergency, we do need some lead time to get you a flight donor. We are a small team of volunteers with full time jobs and work as fast as we can.  
I want to go to Ukraine but I don’t have enough money to support myself. Will you be able to support me?Please don’t go to Ukraine without having at least some of your own money for emergencies. While we do help many volunteers with equipment and donors offer financial support, this is not guaranteed and if you are in a foreign country with no money you become a burden on those around you. 


contact us if you have any questions or would like to donate.

We will respond to any applications, questions, or concerns as soon as we possibly can.
Thank you!