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Please donate here to enable volunteers to continue their missions in Ukraine. Volunteers cover many expenses themselves for food, travel and lodging while continuing to pay bills at home and accumulate credit card debt. You can also help volunteers acquire critical gear that directly contributes to the success of our missions on the ground. Our missions include training and advising the Ukrainian military and supplying units on the front line with equipment, food, and medical supplies.
1. ⁠We match soldiers with donors for all one-time donations of $100 or more OR monthly contributions of $25 or over; Our preferred platform to connect the volunteers/soldiers with sponsors is Signal.
2. ⁠For one-time donations under $100, we gather all the donations via PayPal (see button above) and disperse them among volunteers.
All donations are sent to foreign volunteers or soldiers that were already vetted and proved to be in Ukraine in a unit with a contract.
We are also launching a flight donation program where you can sponsor flights for volunteers going to or returning from Ukraine! You can donate airline points or offer to pay for flights directly.
When you fill out the forms below, you will be connected with a volunteer. After connecting, you can discuss the volunteer’s needs and coordinate your support directly with them.


contact us if you have any questions or would like to donate.

We will respond to any applications, questions, or concerns as soon as we possibly can.
Thank you!